Brazilian wax in Fulham, Chelsea & Earls Court

A Brazilian wax is different from a regular bikini wax as hair is removed from the front, back and everything between.  Most people choose to leave a ‘landing strip’ in the front just above the vaginal area, but some people opt for everything to be removed.


Brazilian waxing is very popular, with men and women preferring a close wax to shaving, which can be itchy and causes hair to grow back quickly and the hair is usually more coarse.  Waxing means that the hair grows back thinner from the very first session, with the results lasting between four and six weeks.


If you are wanting a Brazilian wax in Fulham, a Brazilian wax in Chelsea or a Brazilian waxing in Earls Court, choose the Sabai Leela Day Spa at 282 Old Brompton Road, London.


There are a few things to consider when you are thinking of having a Brazilian wax.  You need to allow between 15 and 30 minutes.  You will need ¼ inch of hair to allow the wax to grab onto: maybe half-inch of hair if it’s coarse hair.


As a Brazilian wax means taking everything off except for the landing strip at the front, you should not be surprised when the hair between the buttocks is removed.  If you opt to be completely bare this is known as a ‘Hollywood’ wax.


The procedure can be painful, but the more regularly you have it done the less the pain factor will be.


There is no need to be embarrassed about having a Brazilian wax: our technicians have seen it all before and are expert in doing Brazilians.  They will help put you completely at ease.


For Brazilian waxing in Fulham choose the No 1 day spa in the area: the Sabai Leela Day Spa.