Facials in Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea

Facials are the second most popular day spa service after massage and are a great way to look after your skin and to relax and enjoy some me time.


A facial involves cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing the skin to help promote clear, well-hydrated skin.


Here at Sabai Leela Day Spa we offer a choice of facials, including a express facial, Dermalogica prescriptive facial and a Sabai herbal facial.


If you are looking for a day spa offering facials in Fulham, facials in Kensington, facials in Chelsea, facials in Hammersmith or facials in Earls Court, choose the Sabai Leela Day Spa.


When you have a facial you can expect it to start with a deep cleansing using sponges or cotton pads and a product that has been selected for your type of skin: dry, normal, oily, sensitive, combination or mature.


The exfoliation stage of a facial will use either a mechanical or a chemical exfoliant.


If you wish your facial can include the extraction of blackheads or whiteheads.


Your facial will involve facial massage that will be both relaxing and also stimulate your facial muscles and skin.


A facial mask, again targeted to your skin type, will be used.


Your facial will end with toners and protective creams being applied and the technician will offer you advice on home skin care if you need it.


How often you have a facial is entirely up to you, but it is recommended that you have a facial every four to six weeks as this is how long it takes for the skin to regenerate.


Always choose a qualified technician for your facials.  Here at the Sabai Leela Day Spa our facial technicians are highly trained.  If you want a facial in Fulham area, make sure you contact us.