Pedicure in Fulham, Chelsea or Hammersmith

A pedicure is a massage and beauty treatment for your feet: it helps to remove dead skin and to soften hard skin, shape and treat your toenails and also massages your feet to relax and soothe you.


Good foot care is very important.  It can treat and prevent problems such as in-growing toenails and calluses.



A pedicure often begins with a relaxing foot soak that helps to soften the skin and is also very relaxing.  A pedicure usually lasts between 30 and 90 minutes: this depends on the kind of foot treatment you are having.



Here at the Sabai Leela Day Spa we offer a full range of pedicures in Fulham area.  These include a file and polish, a mini pedicure with cuticles only, a mini pedicure with French polish, a pedicure that includes hard skin removal and massage, and a pedicure with French polish.



After your feet have been soaked and cleansed in warm water, creams and oils will be massaged into your feet that will refresh and soften your skin.  You may also get an exfoliating rub to remove any dead skin.  Your cuticles will be tended to and your toenails will be cut and shaped.  After a massage of your feet and lower legs, and perhaps another soak in the footbath, you can have a polish applied to your nails.



A good tip when having pedicures in Chelsea is to choose your footwear carefully. Nail polish can take several hours to dry and you don’t want to risk spoiling your newly polished nails by pushing your feet into tight-fitting shoes or trainers.  The best thing to do is to make sure that you have some flip-flops or open sandals with you to wear when you leave the day spa.



Pedicures in Hammersmith are a great way to relax and get your feet looking their very best.  The Sabai Leela Day Spa is a leading centre for pedicures in Kensington, pedicures in Earls Court and pedicures in Fulham.