Press Release: 25 April, 2012

Post marathon pampering at Sabai Leela

Relaxing Massage London (Nuad Sabai)

Everyone knows that running a marathon can put a serious amount of stress on your body. After months of rigorous training it’s important to let your body recover and repair pulled and strained muscles. Boutique Thai Spa Sabai Leela is the perfect anecdote for any post marathon body stress. The tranquil surrounding of Sabai will calm and relieve any tension, centering the body and mind to a serene state.

Sabai Leela specialise in massage therapy, The Deep Tissue massage is designed specifically for the deeper layers of muscle tissue, it has healing benefits and relieves deep-seated tension, resulting in a feeling of complete invigoration. Sabai’s signature treatment The Thai Combination Massage, is based on the Eastern philosophy to health, focusing on prevention and restoring the flow of energy around the body. It incorporates an acupressure therapy that blends deep tissue massage, gentle stretches and stimulation of acupressure points to instill a perfect balance of refreshment and relaxation.

So kick off those trainers and enjoy a well-deserved rest and relaxation session at Sabai Leela, a sanctuary of Eastern peace and promise.

Sabai Leela Health Spa

282 Old Brompton Road

London SW5 9HR


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