Press Release: 22 January, 2012

Sabai Leela – Eastern Health Spa

This January enrich your mind, body and spirit with a visit to boutique health spa Sabai Leela, which offers a range of energising treatments from an Eastern approach to health and wellness. The spa was founded by Orachit “Amie” Sommung who drew inspiration for the spa from her Thai heritage.   Sabai Leela is derived from the Thai language; Sabai (sa-bye) is a verb which means to be relaxed, happy or content and Leela (lee-la) is a noun which translates as style, grace or technique.  Together Sabai Leela means “technique of relaxation” which reflects the spa’s distinctive philosophy.

In the Eastern view, prevention is key, ensuring that the mind and body are kept in optimal condition, thereby reducing the chances of illness.  Sabai’s range of holistic treatments are all designed to create a sense of inner wellbeing with an emphasis on the benefits of relaxation therapies such as massage therapy.  Sabai believe that regular massage can treat a range of ailments and restore the flow of energy through the body by employing similar principles as other ancient healing systems, such as acupuncture.  With this in mind, Sabai Leela offers a range of signature massages including the Thai Combination Massage, Relaxing Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Herbal Scrub and Herbal Heat Compress.

In keeping with their philosophy, Sabai believes in providing an exceptional customer experience, in an environment which has been thoughtfully designed to instill feelings of calm and relaxation.  The day spa   also offers waxing, facials, manicure and pedicures, along with acupuncture and reflexology.  Guests can also enjoy the use of the herbal steam and sauna rooms.  All Sabai Leela treatments are designed to refresh and energise and provide an essential antidote to city life.

Sabai Leela Health Spa

282 Old Brompton Road

London SW5 9HR


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Sally Keeble

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